Sponsorship Opportunities (English Version)

   Thank you for being our ongoing supporter and valuable partner for the International VLSI Symposium on Technology Systems and Applications, as known as VLSI TSA.
   VLSI TSA is the premier international event on VLSI in Taiwan, established in 1983, that bring together outstanding experts in the area of device design, components technology and automation systems sciences in an atmosphere of technical exchange and state-of-the-art innovations, which has always been fruitful and productive. 2024 VLSI TSA will be held at the Ambassador Hotel Hsinchu, Taiwan, during April 22 - April 25. The 2024 event is planned as hybrid format same as 2023, incorporating both face-to-face and virtual elements. Sessions for the four- day symposium will be livestreamed and one- month video on demand will be provided to all registered participants after the physical events.
   In 2024, VLSI TSA will cover a wide range of forward-looking field technologies, enriching the content of the seminars. Experts of both industry and academia from different parts of the world will share their precious insights on the latest technologies in the field of VLSI. Huming Bu, the vice President of IBM Semiconductors Global R&D and Albany Operations of USA will deliver the keynote speech on the “2nm Technology”. Prof. Priya Panda from Yale University will share his valuable findings on the “Neuromorphic Computing for Energy-Efficient Edge Intelligence”. In addition, Hajime Tanaka of Osaka University and Dr. Leon Heng-Liang Huang from Taiwanese leading company, MediaTek Inc will discuss the latest technologies related to “Energy-efficient computing” with the audience during the joint special sessions. Furthermore, more than 100 speeches and paper presentations in numerous seminars will be open to all attendees, which will boost the exchange of knowledge, technologies, and talents in the field of VLSI from both home and abroad.
   In order to make 2024 VLSI TSA a grand success, contribution and support from industry is highly appreciated. We are here to ask for your favor of sponsorship. In return to your generosity, we will offer benefits of free admission to this conference. Please see the benefits in accordance with the amount of contribution shown below.
Sincerely yours,
Shih-Chieh Chang,
General Chair, 2024 VLSI TSA
General Chair, Electronic and Optoelectronic System Research Lab
Industrial Technology Research Institute

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Free admission for one attendee


Free admission for three attendees



Free admission for ten attendees


One additional free admission for every additional
TWD 10,000 to symposium


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