Wednesday, April 20, 10:20 AM~12:05 PM Ballroom B
T7 Advanced Memory Technology (II)

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    10:20 AM~10:55 AM
    T7-1 Spin-Transfer-Torque MRAM: The Next Revolution in Memory
    Daniel Worledge, IBM Almaden Research Center
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    10:55 AM~11:30 AM
    T7-2 New Technologies for Next-Generation MRAM
    Shinji Yuasa, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
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    11:30 AM~12:05 PM
    T7-3 Ferroelectric Field-effect Transistors as High-density, Ultra-fast, Embedded Non-volatile Memories
    Asif Islam Khan, Georgia Institute of Technology

Wednesday, April 20, 1:40 PM~5:30 PM Ballroom B
T9 Low Dimensional Materials and Devices

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    1:40 PM~2:15 PM
    T9-1 2D Materials for Memory, Computing and 6G Applications
    Deji Akinwande, The University of Texas at Austin
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    2:15 PM~2:50 PM
    T9-2 Latest Quantum Transport Models for Atomistic Material and Device Performance Predictions
    Tillmann Kubis, Purdue University
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    2:50 PM~3:25 PM
    T9-3 The Manipulations of Electronic Structure and Interface Chemistry of Functionalized 2D Materials for Advanced Nanoelectronics
    Ching-Yuan Su, National Central University
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    3:45 PM~4:20 PM
    T9-4 Surface Dynamics of Bi2Te3 Measured by High Energy Resolution Photoemission Spectroscopy using a Time- and Angle-resolved Time-of-Flight Analyzer
    Junji Yumoto, The University of Tokyo
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    4:20 PM~4:55 PM
    T9-5 What Are 2D Materials Good For?
    Eric Pop, Stanford University
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    4:55 PM~5:30 PM
    T9-6 Atomic-layer-deposited Atomically Thin In2O3 Channel for BEOL Logic and Memory Applications
    Peide Ye, Purdue University

Thursday, April 21, 10:20 AM~12:40 PM Ballroom B
T11 Advanced Packaging Technologies

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    10:20 AM~10:55 AM
    T11-1 Advanced Packaging for HPC Platform Level Integration
    Yu-Jun Li, TSMC
  • 10:55 AM~11:30 AM
    Gyujei Lee, SK Hynix
  • 11:30 AM~12:05 PM
    Eric Beyne, imec
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    12:05 PM~12:40 PM
    T11-4 Advanced 3D Design and Technologies for 3-layer Smart Imager
    Pascal Vivet, CEA