Thursday, April 21, 10:20 AM~11:20 AM Ballroom D
D10 EDA for Heterogeneous 2.5D/3D IC Integration

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    10:20 AM~10:40 AM
    D10-1 ML-based Fast On-Chip Transient Thermal Simulation for Heterogeneous 2.5D/3D IC Designs
    Norman Chang, Ansys, Inc.
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    10:40 AM~11:00 AM
    D10-2 2.5D & 3DIC Advanced Packaging: An EDA Perspective
    Vincent Hsu, Synopsys
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    11:00 AM~11:20 AM
    D10-3 Substrate Signal Routing Solution Exploration for High-Density Packages with Machine Learning
    Yi-Hung Chen, MediaTek Inc.

Thursday, April 21, 11:30 AM~12:30 PM Ballroom D
D11 GaN and SiC Ecosystems for Power and RF Applications

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    11:30 AM~11:50 AM
    D11-1 Product Level Design Considerations & Solutions for RF GaN Applications
    Chih-Wen Huang, WIN Semiconductors Corporation
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    11:50 AM~12:10 PM
    D11-2 Wide Band Gap Devices for Power System
    TaiKang Shing, Delta Electronics, Inc.
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    12:10 PM~12:30 PM
    D11-3 The Applications of SiC Power Devices in Renewable Energy and EV
    Kung-Yen Lee, National Taiwan University and SiCEV Co. Ltd.