TSA Presentation Guidelines for Invited Speakers

*Please upload your presentation files HERE.

*Deadline to submit your presentation material is April 6, 2023.
Thank you for your participation as invited speaker at the 2023 VLSI TSA Symposium. The 2023 VLSI TSA symposium is planned for a Hybrid event, which includes 1) an in-person symposium from 4/17-4/20 plus 2) on-demand video presentation on the conference website during 4/24-5/23.
For invited speakers who will attend the Symposium in person, you can 1) either choose to provide the pre-recorded video in advance before April 6, 2023 or 2) to allow the on-site recording of your presentation by the conference staff. Your video presentation will be available on the symposium website for one month after the physical event. Registered attendees can only watch the video on the website but cannot download it.

Below please read the guidelines to prepare your presentation.

l Step1: Please download the presentation template (for invited speaker) and prepare your slides.

l Step 2: If you would like to provide a pre-recorded video, please have your power point ready and use the tool as follows. While displaying your slides as you talk, you can show your face through the webcam method (highly recommended and encouraged). Here are the software we suggest for you to record your presentation:

² Zoom: Local Recording – Zoom Help Center

² OBS (Open Broadcaster Software): OBS Studio Quickstart

² ActivePresenter: Record Video Demonstrations with ActivePresenter 8

l Step 3: Save your file with the naming convention: SP_presenter

SP: Session number+ Paper number (T1-3, T2-1…); presenter- speaker name

For example, T1-3_Smith Wang (the session and paper numbers can be found from the Program menu of conference website).

l Step 4: Please upload your (1) video file (.mp4), (2) presentation slides (.ppt/.pptx) and (3) slides for Virtual Conference (.pdf)* to the 2023 TSA Invited Speaker Presentation Submission Site.

*Note to invited speakers: According to the speaker’s reply sheet, if you agree to share your presentation slides with the attendees, your presentation file (in pdf format) will be posted on the conference website during the virtual symposium (4/24~5/23). Speakers can choose to submit either full (as presented in oral) or a simplified slides. Download of the slides file (.pdf) is permitted for conference attendees. If you are not willing to share the slides with the conference attendees, your slides will not be made available on the conference website.

Please complete your upload no later than April 6, 2023 23:59 (GMT+8)


l All Video files must be in MP4 Format.

l Power point aspect ratio- 16:9

l Video Resolution: 1080p recommended, 720p minimum

l Use a good headset with microphone close to mouth BUT away from direct line of mouth to reduce “pops”. Avoid using your computer’s laptop’s or desktop’s built-in microphone on computer.

l Presentation time allocation

²Keynote presentations (J1, J3, J6): 45-minute talk + 5-minute Q&A

²Invited presentations: (T4, T6, T10) 30-minute talk + 5-minute Q&A; (T8) 25-minute talk + 5-minute

²Tutorial 1 presentations: 60 minutes (including Q&A)

²Tutorial 2 presentations: 90 minutes (including Q&A)


l Physical meeting (4/17-20): Q&A is conducted at the in person meeting.

l On-demand Virtual (4/24-5/23): After viewing video, attendees can reach out to you (speaker) via email.

As we work through the details of our final plan, we will continue to share more information on the conference website and email directly to the speakers. If you have any questions, please contact the TSA secretariat of 2023 VLSI TSA at vlsitsa@itri.org.tw.