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In response to the trend of technological development, the Executive Committee Members decided that from 2023, TSA & DAT would be merged into one, name as the International VLSI Symposium on Technology, Systems and Applications (VLSI TSA), covering a wider range of forward-looking field technologies, enriching the content of the seminars, and maintaining an annual holding.
The International Symposium on Technology, Systems and Applications is the premier international events that bring together outstanding experts in the area of device design, components technology and automation systems sciences in an atmosphere of technical exchange and state-of-the-art innovations. The 2023 VLSI TSA symposium will be held at the Ambassador Hotel Hsinchu, Taiwan, during April 17 - April 20. The 2023 event is planned as hybrid format same as 2022, incorporating both virtual and face-to-face elements.
In 2023, Muhammad Ashraful Alam from Purdue University will talk about “AI fundamentals and practices”. Prof. Tomás Palacios from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) will give a speech on “Novel Channel Logic and 3D-stacked Transistors”, Thierry Boudet from Soitec will introduce “High Power Devices”. By sharing their point of view and long-term experiences on professional field, these lectures could be expected very inspirational.
The 2023 VLSI TSA symposium include various hot topics, such as Energy Efficient VLSI Technology: focus on transistors, Memory: focus on neuromorphic computing, Quantum Computing - Devices and Design, Industry Scale Reuse in the Chiplet Era, Sensors for Automotive, VLSI Design and Test view of Computer Security, etc., discussion on the development and challenges for these technologies. For Joint Special Sessions, we explore topics on “Sensors – Devices Circuit and Applications in automotive” and “Heterogeneous Integration”, making the whole event inspiring and fruitful. Also, more than 100 speeches and paper presentations in numerous seminars open to all attendees. It provides a unique opportunity to network with VLSI leading experts on the aspects of IC manufacturing and design.
In order to make the symposium on Technology, Systems and Applications a grand success, contribution and support from industry is highly appreciated. We are here to ask for your favor of sponsorship. In return to your generosity, we will offer benefits of free admission to this conference. Please see the benefits in accordance with the amount of contribution shown as ffollows:

Amount of Sponsorship (TWD)



(or above)


(or above)


(or above)

Free admission for one attendee


Free admission for three attendees



Free admission for ten attendees


One additional free admission for every additional
TWD 10,000 to symposium


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