Hotel Information

To secure the conference rates, please fill out the Hotel Reservation Form and forward it to the appropriate hotel. Mark room type at the following brackets upon your preference and Fax/Email it back to the hotel you preferred NO LATER THAN March 25, 2023. The availability is limited so please make the reservation as soon as possible and be sure to follow up on your reservation with each property.


Room Rate (TWD) per day

Charges including

1. Ambassador Hotel Hsinchu               新竹國賓大飯店                                       Fax No.: +886 3 515 1216

Deluxe Single                              4,000+10%+5%

 Premier Twin                              4,450+10%+5%


2. Fleurlis Hotel Hsinchu                            新竹芙洛麗大飯店                                     Fax No.: +886 3 620 1699

Fancy Signal                              3,000 (Net)


3. Lakeshore Hotel Metropoli             煙波大飯店都會館                                 Fax No.: +886 3 612 1237

Deluxe Queen Room         2,800 (Net)


4. Hotel Royal Hsinchu                         新竹老爺酒店                                         Fax No.: +886 3 563 1899
Deluxe                             3,700 (Net) 

Double-Double                  4,000 (Net) 


Morning Shuttle

     (Hotel to the conference site) 
 5. Howard Plaza Hotel Hsinchu
 Fax No.+886 3 525 2300
Superior Single Room        2,100 (Net)

Superior Twin Room              2,400 (Net)

* All rates are subject to change without notice and the amount in US dollars might be changed upon currency fluctuation ( currency exchange rate at January 2023 is around USD1 to TWD31 ).
* All kinds of credit cards are acceptable.
* Only facsimile of reservation is accepted.

* The free shuttle service is available from the hotel to the conference site (single way), for more details, please contact the hotels for further assistance.