Joint Luncheon Keynotes

Wednesday, August 12, 12:45 PM ~ 13:30 PM

J4 : A vision for the next 60 years
Chih-Yuan (C.Y.) Lu
Macronix International Co., Ltd.


The understanding of quantum physics in the early 20th century enabled the development of solid-state devices and circuits, thus making integrated circuits technology and the semiconductor industry possible. The invention of the transistor was not only a replacement of vacuum tube electronics but also a creation of a brand new revolutionary modern industry.  

In the past 60 years, semiconductor integrated circuits technology has progressed with exponential pace, and resulted in a tremendously thriving information technology and communication (ITC) industry. This amazing progress was driven by the past 30 consecutive generations of device shrinkage with silicon processing technology scaling, according to the conjecture of an empirical Moore’s Law. Now this traditional scaling according to the classical Moore’s Law may be ending with the development of devices of one nanometer or sub-nanometer node. However, it is believed that the one nanometer barrier could be virtually conquered by some sophisticated and smart approaches. Effectively, Moore’s Law will continue with various forms of virtual scaling, such as 400-layer 3D NAND structure, smart chiplet optimization approaches, or heterogeneous integration assembly, etc. to improve the overall ITC system’s functionality and cost performance ratio. Another 25-35 years of prosperous IC semiconductor technology and ITC industry could well be expected.

However, the next really explosive scaling is a new exciting, disruptive and revolutionary technology appearing on the horizon – quantum computing and quantum communication. Quantum physics was discovered a hundred years ago, but there are still so many treasures to be explored in this field. The new exponential scaling law will be naturally realized in a relay race with the past 60 years of classical Moore’s Law. This super exponential scaling could realize all kinds of future technologies and applications that we can only imagine now, such as enabling explosive AI capabilities, and naturally create another totally disruptive technology that results in a new wave of many revolutionary industries, which will change the course of human life in the coming next 60 years. Multiple multi-trillion-dollar industries are waiting for us and our posterity.


Chih-Yuan (C.Y.) Lu, Ph.D. from Columbia University, worked at AT&T Bell Labs; later joined ERSO/ITRI to lead Taiwan’s National Submicron Project.

Dr. Lu is the Chairman and CEO of Ardentec Corp., and serves as the President and CTO of Macronix International. He has published more than 500 technical papers and has been granted 160 patents.

Dr. Lu has been elected as an IEEE Fellow, APS Fellow, Fellow of NAI, and “ITRI Laureate.” He has been awarded the IEEE Third Millennium Medal; the IEEE Frederik Philips Award; and the 2013 “Presidential Science Prize,” the highest award in Taiwan, ROC. In 2018, Dr. Lu was elected as an “Academician of Academia Sinica,” the first CEO from industry to have been honored by Academia Sinica.