Special Sessions

Joint Special Session - 5G: From Systems to Devices
Organizers : 
DAT : Atsushi Takahashi, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan 
Semiconductor for 5G
Yujun Li, TSMC, Taiwan
Silicon Technologies for Next Generation 5G Architectures and Applications
Shankaran Janardhanan, Global Foundries, USA 
Joint Special Session - Future of Memory: From Storage to Computing
Organizers :
TSA : Wilman Tsai, TSMC, USA (Tentative)
DAT : Meng-Fan Chang, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
A Memory Design and Architecture
Yuan Xie, UC Santa Barbara, USA
Katsuhiko Hoya, Toshiba Memory Corporation, Japan
Advanced Memory Devices
Arnaud Furnemont, Imec, Belgium 
TSA Special Session - 3D/Heterogeneous integration and unconventional manufacturing
Organizer : Carlos Mazuré, SOITEC, France
Advanced Stacking Technologies for Heterogeneous Device Integration
Ionut Radu, SOITEC, France
Ryan Lane, Qualcomm, USA 
TSA Special Session - Machine learning for the semiconductor industry
Organizers :  Nicolas L. Breil, AMAT, USA and Steve Chung, NCTU, Taiwan
TSA Special Session - Silicon Photonics
Organizer : Chien-Chung Lin, ITRI, Taiwan
Yasuhiko Arakawa, The University of Tokyo, Japan
Silicon Photonics and Integrated Photonic Switches
Ming C. Wu, University of California, Berkeley, USA
ir. Peter Ossieur, Ghent University - imec IDLab, Belgium
Terence Chen, Mentor Graphics, a Siemens, Taiwan
(The program is subject to change without prior notice.)