2019 VLSI-TSA Awards

There are two categories of awards for authors who presented papers at 2019 VLSI-TSA: Best Student Paper Award and Student Travel Award
Other award: ERSO Award 
Best Student Paper Award
In 2005, the VLSI-TSA Symposium started the Best Student Paper Award annual contest. As of 2018, the award will be presented to two papers presented by full time students. The selection will be based on the evaluation by members of technical committees of students’ papers, as well as their oral presentations during the conference. The Best Student Paper Awards will be granted to the winning students at the next conference. Students must indicate with their submission that they would like to be considered for this award.

2018 VLSI-TSA Winners ~ Congratulations!     ÜHistory of VLSI-TSA Award Winners
BEOL Compatible Sub-nm Diffusion Barrier for Advanced Cu Interconnects
Chun-Li Lo, Kehao Zhang1, Joshua A. Robinson1 and Zhihong Chen
Purdue University, USA
1The Pennsylvania State University , USA
All Optical NOR Gate via Tunnel-Junction Transistor Lasers for High Speed Optical Logic Processsors
Milton Feng, Ardy Winoto, Junyi Qiu, Yu-Ting Peng and Nick Holonyak, Jr.
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Student Travel Award    (Financial Support for Overseas Students)
Please read the requirements and payment conditions to verify whether you are eligible for application before applying.

•Your paper must be accepted by VLSI-TSA 2019. The notices of acceptance will be sent out to authors by December 31, 2018.
•You must be a full-time enrolled STUDENT in an overseas country / region’s educational institution.
•You must present and have this presentation confirmed at VLSI-TSA 2019.

Payment Conditions
•Payment will be made only AFTER the paper is presented at VLSI-TSA 2019 by the applicant.
•Payment will be done in cash, on site, by US dollar.
•The award will apply to ONE person per abstract (the presenting person) only.
•The amount of the award is:
  Ü US$ 450 (USA East coast & Europe)
  Ü US$ 350 (USA West coast)
  Ü US$ 250 (Asia, not include Taiwan)
•To apply please send the following documents to VLSI-TSA Secretariat (vlsitsa@itri.org.tw).
  Ü Application Form  
  Ü A copy of your Student ID Card
•Application Deadline: January 31, 2019, 24:00:00 (CST)
•The VLSI-TSA secretariat will check your application and will inform you of the result by the end of February, 2019 
ERSO Award

ERSO Award was established in 2007 with the sponsorship from Pan Wen Yuan Foundation to recognize individuals who have made outstanding contributions to Taiwan electronics industry. The foundation is established to promote the cultivation of technical manpower specialized in the fields of semiconductor and information science. The Award consists of a certificate and a trophy.