Tuesday, April 23, 1:30 PM~5:20 PM Ballroom B
J3 : Joint Special Session 5G: from Systems to Devices

Wednesday, April 24, 1:30 PM~5:20 PM Ballroom B
J6 : Joint Special Session Future of Memory: from Storage to Computing

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    1:30 PM~2:05 PM
    J6-1 CRISP: Center for Research on Intelligent Storage and Processing-in-memory
    Yuan Xie
    University of California
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    2:05 PM~2:40 PM
    J6-2 A Perspective on NVRAM Technology for Future Computing System
    Katsuhiko Hoya
    Toshiba Memory Corp.
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    2:40 PM~3:15 PM
    J6-3 New Memory Technology, Design and Architecture Co-optimization to Enable Future System Needs
    Arnaud Furnemont
  • 3:35 PM~4:10 PM
    J6-4 TBD
    Fatih Hamzaoglu
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    4:10 PM~4:45 PM
    J6-5 Evolution and Advances of the Nonvolatile Memories and Applications
    Yan Li
    Western Digit
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    4:45 PM~5:20 PM
    J6-6 Embedded Memory: The Future of Emerging Mmemories
    Feng-Min Lee