Sponsorship Opportunities

The VLSI-TSA and VLSI-DAT Symposia are the premier international events that bring together the best in device design, components technology and automation systems sciences in an environment of technical exchange and state-of-the-art innovations. The 2019 VLSI-TSA and DAT Symposia will be held at the Ambassador Hotel Hsinchu, Taiwan, during April 22-April 25.

In 2019, VLSI Symposia will invite LETI to discuss the future of computing. Besides, the symposium will cover the hottest topics right now: IoT and 5G. IBM Research will talk about the applications in health care and IoT and ITRI’s 5G Technology Program Office will discuss 5G chips and systems. In addition, we have invited Carl Zeiss SMT GmbH to address the status and perspective of EUVL optics and ARM Taiwan to give a talk on VLSI design for autonomous driving system. World-renowned experienced specialists and scholars will discuss the current status, application and challenges of related technology in the two joint sessions, covering the topics related to 5G: From Systems to Devices and Future of Memory: From Storage to Computing. Furthermore, there are more than 150 speeches and paper presentation in five seminars, which are open to all of the attendees to select. For researchers interested in the semiconductor IC Design and Fabrication, they will have more opportunities to learn and connect with each other.

In order to make VLSI Symposia glorious successfully, contribution and sponsorship from industry is highly appreciated. We are here to ask for your favor of sponsorship. In return to your generosity we will offer benefits of free admission to this conference. Please see the benefits in accordance with the amount of contribution shown below. For more information of conference, please visit our symposia websites at :

http://expo.itri.org.tw/2019vlsitsa for VLSI-TSA

http://expo.itri.org.tw/2019vlsidat for VLSI-DAT

Amount of Sponsorship (TWD)



(or above)


(or above)


(or above)

Free admission for one attendee


Free admission for three attendee



Free admission for ten attendee


One additional free admission for every additional
TWD 10,000 to VLSI-TSA or VLSI-DAT symposium


Company brochures displayed

Company’s logo shown on a wall curtain at reception area


Company’s video displayed at reception area


List on Advisory Committee


Company’s name shown on program book

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Company’s information shown on half page of program book


*Free admission is acceptable to both VLSI-TSA or VLSI-DAT.