Wednesday, October 23, 10:20 AM~12:20 PM Room:505a+b+c
JP1 Joint Plenary Sessions 1

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    10:20 AM~11:00 AM
    JP1-1 The Past, Present, and Future of OLED Displays
    Ching W. Tang
    Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong
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    11:00 AM~11:40 AM
    Electronics Manufacturing Challenges and Opportunities: Closing the Gaps via Collaborative Innovation

    Marc Benowitz
    iNEMI, USA
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    11:40 AM~12:20 PM
    JP1-3 The Dramatic Past, Present, and Future of Flexible Electrophoretic Display Technology
    Michael D. McCreary
    Chief Innovation Officer
    E Ink Corporation, USA

Thursday, October 24, 9:00 AM~9:40 AM Room:505 a+b+c
JP2 Joint Plenary Sessions 2

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    9:00 AM~9:40 AM
    JP2-1 3D Chip Stacking Technologies for the Future
    Teruo Hirayama
    Executive Chief Engineer
    Sony Corporation, Japan 

Friday, October 25, 8:50 AM~10:10 AM Room:505a+b+c
JP3 Joint Plenary Sessions 3

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    8:50 AM~10:10 AM
    JP3-1 Co-Design of Advanced Packaging and Process Technology for 5G Evolution
    Yujun Li
    Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Limited, Taiwan
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    9:30 AM~10:10 AM
    JP3-2 New Package Developments for 5G: From Infrastructure to Mobile
    Jan Vardaman
    TechSearch International, Inc., USA