Monday, April 16, 1:30 PM~4:50 PM Ballroom A
TSA Short Course A Advanced Integration Technology

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    A-1 3D Monolithic Integration : Advanced CMOS to More-than-Moore Applications
    Dr. Veeresh Deshpande
    IMEC, Belgium 
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    A-2 Overview and Perspective of Embedded NVM Technology
    Mr. Yasuhiko Taito
    Renesas Electronics Corporation, Japan

Monday, April 16, 1:30 PM~4:50 PM Ballroom B
TSA Short Course B New Materials for Advanced CMOS and Memory Devices

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    B-1 High mobility Ge and III-V Materials for CMOS
    Dr. Nadine Collaert
    IMEC, Belgium 
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    B-2 High Mobility 2D Materials and Devices: From Phosphorene to Tellurene
    Prof. Peide Ye
    Purdue University, USA 
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    B-3 HfO2-based new ferroelectric materials
    Johannes Ocker 
    Ferroelectric Memory GmbH, Germany