J1 Joint Plenary Session

9:50 AM~11:50 AM,Tuesday , April 17 Ballroom A + B
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    J1-1 Circuit Design in Nano-Scale CMOS Technologies
    9:50 AM~10:40 AM,Tuesday , April 17
    Dr. Kevin Zhang
    TSMC, Taiwan
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    J1-2 Homo Technologicus
    11:00 AM~11:50 AM,Tuesday , April 17
    Prof. Jan M. Rabaey
    University of California at Berkeley, USA

J4 Joint Plenary Session

8:30 AM~10:10 AM,Wednesday , April 18 Ballroom B
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    J4-1 Moore’s Law – Predict the Unpredictable
    8:30 AM~9:20 AM,Wednesday , April 18
    Dr. Chia-Hong Jan
    Intel Corp., USA
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    J4-2 Mobile/Embedded DNN and AI SoCs
    9:20 AM~10:10 AM,Wednesday , April 18
    Prof. Hoi-Jun Yoo
    Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Korea 

J7 Joint Plenary Session

8:30 AM~10:10 AM,Thursday , April 19 Ballroom B
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    J7-1 Silicon Photonics : From Research to Industrial Reality
    8:30 AM~9:20 AM,Thursday , April 19
    Dr. Frederic Boeuf
    STMicroelectronics, France
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    J7-2 Self-Driving Cars: Technologies, Business Opportunities and Challenges
    9:20 AM~10:10 AM,Thursday , April 19
    Dr. Chieh-Chih (Bob) Wang
    Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan