Joint Luncheon Keynote

   Wednesday, April 26, 12:35 P.M. ~ 1:25 P.M.  Ballroom B

    Topic : The Opportunities and Challenges of Taiwan IC Design Companies

David Chih-Wei Chang
President & CEO
Airoha Technology Corp., Taiwan
Abstract : 
With more and more systems integration/manufacturing moving into Asia, there are good opportunities for Taiwan IC design houses to contribute and expand in these markets, especially in China. However, since a few years ago, China's government has strongly invested in and promoted her semiconductor industry. MostTaiwan IC companies face fierce competitions in prices and gross margin rates from Chinese competitors.
In this talk, we will review semiconductor and IC markets and trends globally, in Taiwan, and in China.Then we will discuss strategies in markets, human resources, and finance for Taiwan fabless design houses to collaborate and compete with the IC design houses in China. Though the road may be bumpy, we hope to reach a prosperous future.
Bio : 
Dr. David Chih-Wei Chang is the president and CEO of Airoha Technology. Before that, he was General Manager of Wireless Connectivity BU at MediaTek and Deputy General Director, SoC Technology Center at ITRI. Before he came back to Taiwan in 2003, he had been in Silicon Valley/USA for several executive and technical management positions, which include Vice President of Engineering at Arcadia Design Systems and Vice President of Engineering at empowerTel Networks.
Dr. Chang received his Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Southern California. He received Outstanding Electrical Engineering Award from the Chinese Institute of Electrical Engineering in 2005. He holds four US patents and has published 30+ technical papers in VLSI, computer, and networking areas. He is a Sr. Member of IEEE.