Tuesday, April 25, 1:30 PM~5:20 PM Ballroom B
J2 Joint Special Session: Foundry Eco-system

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    J2-1 TCAD Based Design-Technology Co-Optimisations in advanced technology nodes
    Asen Asenov
    Glasgow University and Synopsys, United Kingdom
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    J2-3 Industrial performance to serve economical rebound
    Bertrand Bléneau
    Soitec, France 
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    J2-4 Building best in class System solutions : Enabled by collaboration
    Suhita Devineni
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    J2-5 Collaboration and Innovation for Your Success
    David Shih
    SMIC, China
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    J2-6 Navigating through the fragmented application maze
    Keh-Ching Huang
    UMC, Taiwan
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    J2-7 RRAM Technology and Its Embedded Potential on IoT Applications
    ChiaHua Ho
    Winbond Electronics Corporation, Taiwan
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    1:30 PM~5:20 PM
    J2-2 New Embedded Memories, from Lab to Fab
    David Eggleston

Wednesday, April 26, 1:30 PM~5:20 PM Ballroom B
J5 Joint Special Session: Embedded Memory System

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    J5-2 Low-Current Spin Transfer Torque MRAM
    Guohan Hu
    IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, USA 
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    J5-3 Embedded Nonvolatile Memory with STT-MRAMs and its Application for Nonvolatile Brain-Inspired VLSIs
    Tetsuo Endoh
    Tohoku University, Japan 
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    J5-4 Embedded non-volatile memory design from cell to system levels
    Takashi Kono
    Renesas Electronics, Japan
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    J5-5 STT-MRAM memories for IoT applications: challenges and opportunities at circuit level and above
    Massimo Alioto
    National University of Singapore, Singapore
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    J5-6 Utilizing NVDIMM to alleviate the I/O Performance Gap for Big Data Workloads
    Zili Shao
    The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong
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    1:30 PM~2:05 PM
    J5-1 Novel memory hierarchy with e-STT-MRAM for near-future applications
    Shinobu Fujita
    Toshiba Corporation, Japan 

Tuesday, April 25, 1:30 PM~3:15 PM Ballroom A
T2 Special Session: Future of Lithography

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    T2-1 EUV extendibility research at Berkeley Lab
    Patrick Naulleau
    Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA 
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    T2-2 DSA : Progress Toward Industry Acceptance
    Anthony R. Vander Heyden 
    Brewer Science Inc., USA
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    T2-3 Electron Multi-Beam Technology
    Elmar Platzgummer
    IMS Nanofabrication AG, Austria

Tuesday, April 25, 3:35 PM~5:55 PM Ballroom A
T3 Special Session: Emerging Research Device

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    T3-1 Negative Capacitance FETs with Steep Switching by Ferroelectric Hf-based Oxide
    Min-Hung Lee
    National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan 
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    T3-2 III-V/Ge MOSFETs and TFETs for Ultra-Low Power Logic LSIs
    Shinichi Takagi
    The University of Tokyo, Japan 
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    T3-3 High Performance PMOS with Strained High-Ge-Content SiGe Fins for Advanced Logic Applications
    Pouya Hashemi
    IBM Research, USA 
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    T3-4 InGaAs Quantum-Well MOSFETs for future logic applications
    Dae-Hyun Kim
    Kyungpook National University, South Korea 

Thursday, April 27, 10:20 AM~12:40 PM Ballroom A
T8 Special Session: 2016 Technology Highlights

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    T8-1 Device-Architecture Co-Design for Hyperdimensional Computing with 3D Vertical Resistive Switching Random Access Memory (3D VRRAM)
    Haitong Li
    Stanford University, USA 
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    T8-2 1x- to 2x-nm MTJ switching at sub-3 ns pulses with compatible current in sub-20 nm CMOS for high performance embedded STT-MRAM
    Daisuke Saida
    Toshiba Corporation, Japan
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    T8-3 Back-Side Integration of Hybrid III-V on Silicon DBR Lasers
    Karim Hassan
    CEA-LETI, France
  • the photo of Speaker
    T8-4 Novel TFET Circuits for High-Performance Energy-Efficient Heterogeneous MOSFET/TFET Logic
    Daniel H. Morris
    Intel Corporation, USA