D1 Intelligent Digital System

1:30 PM~2:50 PM,Tuesday , April 25 Ballroom C
  • D1-1 Low-Latency Voltage-Racing Winner-Take-All (VR-WTA) Circuit for Acceleration of Learning Engine
    1:30 PM~1:50 PM,Tuesday , April 25
    Chai-Heng Wu,Ting-Sheng Chen, Ding-Yuan Lee, Tsung-Te Liu, and An-Yeu Wu
    National Taiwan University, Taiwan
  • D1-2 Hybrid Spiking-Stochastic Deep Neural Network
    1:50 PM~2:10 PM,Tuesday , April 25
    Heesu Kim, Joonsang Yu, and Kiyoung Choi
    Seoul National University, Korea
  • D1-3 Design and Implementation of a 3D Hand Gesture Architecture System Under Complicated Environment
    2:10 PM~2:30 PM,Tuesday , April 25
    Tsung-Han Tsai and Yih-Ru Tsai
    National Central University, Taiwan
  • D1-4 High-Speed and Low-Power VLSI-Architecture for Inexact Speculative Adder
    2:30 PM~2:50 PM,Tuesday , April 25
    Rahul Shrestha
    Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Mandi, India

D2 Analog Techniques

3:10 PM~4:30 PM,Tuesday , April 25 Ballroom C
  • D2-1 A Solar-Powered Single-Inductor Dual-Output (SIDO) DC-DC Boost for Power Management Unit System with High Light-Load Efficiency
    3:10 PM~3:30 PM,Tuesday , April 25
    Lee Chuang, Chun-Chang Wu, Wei-Heng Wang, and Shey-Shi Lu
    National Taiwan University, Taiwan
  • D2-2 A Digitally Controlled Buck Converter with Current Sensor-less Adaptive Voltage Positioning (AVP) Mechanism
    3:30 PM~3:50 PM,Tuesday , April 25
    Kai-Yu Hu, Bo-Ming Chen, and Chien-Hung Tsai
    National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
  • D2-3 A 45 μW, 9.5 MHz Current-Reused RC Oscillator Using a Swing-Boosting Technique
    3:50 PM~4:10 PM,Tuesday , April 25
    Shao-Yung Lu and Yu-Te Liao
    National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
  • D2-4 A Current Feedback Instrumentation Amplifier with Chopping and Dynamic Element Matching Techniques and Employing the Current-Reuse Technique in Input/Feedback Stages
    4:10 PM~4:30 PM,Tuesday , April 25
    Tzu-Ying Chen, Yi-Ling Tsai, and Tsung-Hsien Lin
    National Taiwan University, Taiwan

D3 Emerging Platform and Applications for Embedded Systems

4:50 PM~6:10 PM,Tuesday , April 25 Ballroom C
  • D3-1 A Hadoop-based Principle Component Analysis on Embedded Heterogeneous Platform
    4:50 PM~5:10 PM,Tuesday , April 25
    Sheng-Yen Chen1, Chia-I Wei2, Yu-Chen Chiu1, and Bo-Cheng Lai1
    1National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
    2University of California, San Diego
  • D3-2 A Body Sensor Node SoC for ECG/EMG Applications with Compressed Sensing and Wireless Powering
    5:10 PM~5:30 PM,Tuesday , April 25
    Yo-Hao Tu, Kai-Wen Yao, Ming-Hao Huang, Yu-Yun Lin, Hao-Yu Chi, Po-Min Cheng, Pei-Yun Tsai, Muh-Tian Shiue, Chien-Nan Liu, Kuo-Hsing Cheng, and Jia-Shiang Fu
    National Central University, Taiwan
  • D3-3 An Adaptive Cross-window Stereo Camera Distance Estimation Technology and its System Implementation for Multiple Applications
    5:30 PM~5:50 PM,Tuesday , April 25
    Ricky Lee, Tai-En Wu, and Jiun-In Guo
    National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
  • D3-4 A Vision Radar System for Car Safety Driving Applications
    5:50 PM~6:10 PM,Tuesday , April 25
    Chia-Chi Tsai, Yi-Ting Lai, Yuan-Fu Li, and Jiun-In Guo
    National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan

D5 Memory and Interconnection for SoC

10:20 AM~11:20 AM,Wednesday , April 26 Ballroom D
  • D5-1 Design Space Exploration with a Cycle-accurate SystemC/TLM DRAM Controller Model
    10:20 AM~10:40 AM,Wednesday , April 26
    Ting-Shuo Hsu, Chao-Chih Wu, Che-Wei Hsu, Chih-Tsun Huang, Jing-Jia Liou, Yao-Hua Chen, and Juin-Ming Lu
    National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
  • D5-2 Reducing Aging on Scratchpad Memory Using Temporal- and FSM-based Power Management
    10:40 AM~11:00 AM,Wednesday , April 26
    Yun-Kae Law, Cheng-Chien Lin, and Ing-Chao Lin
    National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
  • D5-3 Optimization for Application-Specific Packet-Based On-Chip Interconnects Using a Cycle-Accurate Model
    11:00 AM~11:20 AM,Wednesday , April 26
    Yu-Ju Shih, Chih-Tsun Huang, Jing-Jia Liou, Jyu-Yuan Lai, Chih-Wea Wang, and Chi-Feng Wu 
    National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan 

D6 Thermal- and Variation-Aware Optimization for System Designs

11:30 AM~12:30 PM,Wednesday , April 26 Ballroom D
  • D6-1 A Low Power Synthesis Flow for Multi-Rate Systems
    11:30 AM~11:50 AM,Wednesday , April 26
    Hsin-Pang Kuo, Alan P. Su, and Kuen-Jong Lee
    National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
  • D6-2 Utilization of Relieved Corners from Multi-corner Libraries in Deterministic Static Timing Analysis
    11:50 AM~12:10 PM,Wednesday , April 26
    Hyun-jeong Kwon and Young-Hwan Kim
    POSTECH, Korea
  • D6-3 Thermal Sensor Allocation and Full-System Temperature Characterization for Thermal-aware Mesh-based NoC System by Using Compressive Sensing Technique
    12:10 PM~12:30 PM,Wednesday , April 26
    Kun-Chih Chen, Yu-Hsien Chen, ana Yen-Po Lin
    National Sun Yat-Sen University, Taiwan

D7 Wireless Transceiver

1:30 PM~2:30 PM,Wednesday , April 26 Ballroom C
  • D7-1 A Four-band TD-LTE Transmitter with Wide Dynamic Range and LPF Bandwidth Calibration
    1:30 PM~1:50 PM,Wednesday , April 26
    Zhen Liang, Bin Li, Mo Huang, Hui Ye, Ken Xu, Yutao Liu, and Yan Lu
    South China University of Technology, China
  • D7-2 A Digital IQ Imbalance Self-Calibration in FDD Transceiver
    1:50 PM~2:10 PM,Wednesday , April 26
    Hui Ye, Bin Li, Mo Huang, Zhen Liang, and Yan Lu
    South China University of Technology, China
  • D7-3 A 0.9-V 2.36-GHz MedRadio-Band 10-Mbps Low-Power OOK Modulator for Neural Implants
    2:10 PM~2:30 PM,Wednesday , April 26
    Chien-Hua Jung and Kea-Tiong Tang
    National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan

D9 Advanced Digital Systems

3:10 PM~4:30 PM,Wednesday , April 26 Ballroom C
  • D9-1 A 6.4G LLR/s 8x8 64-QAM Soft-Output MIMO Detector with Lattice Reduction Preprocessing
    3:10 PM~3:30 PM,Wednesday , April 26
    Jing-You Lin, Jung-Chun Chi, Chun-Fu Liao, and Yuan-Hao Huang
    National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
  • D9-2 A Reference-Less All-Digital Transceiver for Human Body Channel Communication
    3:30 PM~3:50 PM,Wednesday , April 26
    Ching-Che Chung, Yi-Che Tsai, and Ming-Chieh Li
    National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan
    3:50 PM~4:10 PM,Wednesday , April 26
    Yu-Hsuan Lin, Shih-Fan Peng, and Wei Hwang
    Nation Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
  • D9-4 Analysis and Reduction of SRAM PUF Bit Error Rate
    4:10 PM~4:30 PM,Wednesday , April 26
    Hirofumi Shinohara, Baikun Zheng,Yanhao Piao, Bo Liu, and Shiyu Liu
    Waseda University, Japan

D11 Test and Reliability for Advanced Process Technologies

4:50 PM~6:10 PM,Wednesday , April 26 Ballroom C
  • D11-1 Robust Test Pattern Generation for Hold-time Faults in Nanometer Technologies
    4:50 PM~5:10 PM,Wednesday , April 26
    Yu-Hao Ho, Yo-Wei Chen, Chih-Ming Chang, Kai-Chieh Yang, and Chien-Mo Li
    National Taiwan University, Taiwan
  • D11-2 On Designing Two-Dimensional Scan Architecture for Test Chips
    5:10 PM~5:30 PM,Wednesday , April 26
    Yu Huang and Wu-Tung Cheng
    Mentor Graphics, USA
  • D11-3 On-Chip Temperature and Process Variation Sensing using a Reconfigurable Ring Oscillator
    5:30 PM~5:50 PM,Wednesday , April 26
    Tadashi Kishimoto, Tohru Ishihara, and Hidetoshi Onodera
    Kyoto University, Japan

D14 Advances in Placement and Routing

10:20 AM~11:20 AM,Thursday , April 27 Mezzanine A+B
  • D14-1 Detailed Routing Violation Prediction During Placement Using Machine Learning
    10:20 AM~10:40 AM,Thursday , April 27
    Aysa Fakheri Tabrizi, Nima Karimpour Darav, Logan Rakai, Andrew Kennings, and Laleh Behjat
    University of Calgary, Canada
  • D14-2 Layout Placement Optimization with Isolation Rings for High-Voltage VLSI Circuits
    10:40 AM~11:00 AM,Thursday , April 27
    Chih-Wei Lee, Hwa-Yi Tseng, Chi-Lien Kuo, Chien-Nan Liu, and Chin Hsia
    National Central University, Taiwan
  • D14-3 An Analytical Placer for Heterogeneous FPGAs via Rough-Placed Packing
    11:00 AM~11:20 AM,Thursday , April 27
    Wan-Ning Wu, Chen Chen, Ching-Yu Chin, Chun-Kai Wang, and Hung-Ming Chen
    National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan

D15 ADC and PLL

11:30 AM~12:30 PM,Thursday , April 27 Mezzanine A+B
  • D15-1 An 8-bit 400-MS/s Calibration-Free SAR ADC with a Pre-amplifier-only Comparator
    11:30 AM~11:50 AM,Thursday , April 27
    Chih-Huei Hou, Soon-Jyh Chang, Hao-Sheng Wu, Huan-Jui Hu, and En-Ze Cun
    National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
  • D15-2 A 10-bit 100-MS/s SAR ADC With Capacitor Swapping Technique in 90-nm CMOS
    11:50 AM~12:10 PM,Thursday , April 27
    Yung-Hui Chung and Song-You Shih
    National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan
  • D15-3 An All-Digital Phase-Locked Loop with a Multi-Delay-Switching TDC
    12:10 PM~12:30 PM,Thursday , April 27
    Zhong-Cheng Su and Chung-Chih Hung
    National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan