•  Low power CMOS and embedded memory
  •  Foundry technology
  •  RF process, device and integration technology
  •  Standalone memory: DRAM, FLASH, emerging memory technology
  •  Advanced CMOS modules: e.g. gate stack, contact, doping, strained channel, non-Si integration,      
     interconnect technology, ALE and selective deposition, etc.
  •  Lithography: directed self-assembly, EUV, multiple patterning, etc.
  •  Power and analog IC device and technology  
  •  Advanced CMOS process and devices: Ge, SiGe, III-V, GAA, 2D/1D
  •  Process and device modeling
  •  TFT and organic electronics
  •  MEMS, imagers and sensors
  •  Advanced manufacturing technology, yield, reliability and test
  •  3D ICs and advanced packaging
  •  Photonics
  •  Energy harvesting technology
  •  loT enabling technologies