History of Best Student Paper Award

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Award Winners

:  Abhishek A. Sharma, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
"High-Speed In-situ Pulsed Thermometry in Oxide RRAMs"
Co-Authors: Mohammad Noman, Marek Skowronski, James A. Bain
Liang Zhao, Stanford University, USA
"Improved Multi-level Control of RRAM Using Pulse-Train Programming"
Co-Authors: Hong-Yu Chen, Shih-Chieh Wu, Zizhen Jiang, Shimeng Yu, Tuo-Hung Hou,
H.-S. Philip Wong, and Yoshio Nishi

:  Chun Wing Yeung, University of California, Berkeley, USA
"Low Power Negative Capacitance FETs for Future Quantum-Well Body Technology"
Co-Authors: Asif I. Khan, Asis Sarker, Sayeef Salahuddin, and Chenming Hu
Chunlei Zhan, National University of Singapore, Singapore
"(110)-Oriented Germanium-Tin (Ge0.97Sn0.03) P-channel MOSFETs"
Co-Authors: Wei Wang, Xiao Gong, Pengfei Guo, Bin Liu, Yue Yang, Genquan Han, and Yee-Chia Yeo 

:  Jing Wan, IMEP-LAHC, France
"Z2-FET: A zero-slope switching device with gate-controlled hysteresis"
Co-Authors: J. Wan, C. Le Royer, A. Zaslavsky, S. Cristoloveanu 
:  Shao-Ming Koh, National University of Singapore, Singapore
"New Tellurium Implant and Segregation for Contact Resistance Reduction and Single Metallic Silicide Technology for Independent Contact Resistance Optimization in n- and p-FinFETs"
Co-Authors: Eugene Yu Jin Kong, Bin Liu, Chee-Mang Ng, Pan Liu, Zhi-Qiang Mo, Kam-Chew Leong, Ganesh S. Samudra, and Yee-Chia Yeo

:  Jean-Luc Huguenin, ST Microelectronics / IMEP, France
Localized SOI Logic and Bulk I/O devices co-integration for Low Power System-on-Chip Technology”
Co-Authors: J.-L. Huguenin, S. Monfray, S. Denorme, G. Bidal, P. Perreau, S. Barnola, M.-P. Samson, K. Benotmane, N. Loubet, Y. Campidelli, F. Leverd, F. Abbate, L. Clement, C. Borowiak, Dominique Golanski, C. Fenouillet-Beranger, F. Boeuf, G. Ghibaudo, T. Skotnicki 

:  Dominique Fleury, STMicroelectronics/IMEP-LAHC laboratory, France
“A New Technique to Extract the Gate Bias Dependent S/D Series Resistance of Sub-100nm MOSFETs”
Co-Authors: Antoine Cros, Gregory Bidal, Hugues Brut, Emmanuel Josse and Gerard Ghibaudo

:  Eng-Huat Toh/Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, National University of Singapore
“P-Channel I-MOS Transistor featuring Silicon Nano-Wire with Multiple-Gates, Si1-yCy I-region, in situ doped Si1-yCy Source, and Sub-5 mV/decade Subthreshold Swing”
Co-Authors: Grace Huiqi Wang, Doran Weeks, Ming Zhu, Trevan Landin, Jennifer Spear, Lap Chan, Shawn G. Thomas, Ganesh Samudra, and Yee-Chia Yeo

:  Donovan Lee/Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences Department, University of California at Berkeley

“WetFET – A Novel Fluidic Gate-Dielectric Transistor for Sensor Application”
Co-Authors: Xin Sun, Emmanuel Quevy, Roger T. Howe, and Tsu-Jae King Liu
2006 :  Chia-Pin Lin / Dept. of Electronics Engineering & Inst.of Electronics, National Chiao Tung University
"Impact of Back Gate Bias on Hot-Carrier Effects of n-channel Tri-Gate FinFETs (TGFET)"
2005 :  Chung-Hsun Lin / Department of EECS, University of California at Berkeley
"Compact Modeling of FinFETs Featuring Independent-Gate Operation Mode"