Joint Luncheon Keynote

     Tuesday, April 26, 12:35 P.M. ~ 1:25 P.M.

    Genomics and Personalized Medicine of the Future

Bharath Takulapalli
Founder & CEO
INanoBio, USA
Abstract : 
Genome profiling is revolutionizing cancer therapy by empowering the physician and enabling precision medicine. The standard of care is rapidly shifting to individualized medicine based on genetic profile of disease in a patient. Towards this, at INanoBio we are developing an advanced $100 high-accuracy whole genome sequencer. We believe that genomics based diagnostics, genomic medicine and gene therapy are going to transform all areas of healthcare, propelling us towards an almost disease-free society in about 25 years, where 75% of current diseases can be diagnosed early and simply preempted.
Bio : 
Bharath Takulapalli is Founder & CEO of INanoBio. He is principal inventor of INanoBio sensor technologies. He has authored multiple publications and patents in the areas of biosensors, nanotechnology, genome sequencing and proteomics. With doctoral training in chem-bio sensors, solid state electronics and material science, over the past twelve years he has worked on developing technology solutions to personalized healthcare of the future. Dr. Takulapalli has a bachelor’s from IIT Madras India, and PhD from Arizona State University in Tempe.