D4 DAT Special Session 1 : Machine Learning for EDA

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    D4-1 Digital Intelligence and Chip Design Data-Driven Techniques to Improve QOR and TTM
    Sashi Obilisetty
    Synopsys, USA
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    D4-2 Machine learning futher improving place and route QoR
    Weibin Ding
    Cadence, China
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    D4-3 Machine Learning Opportunities and Applications in SoC Design
    Bauli Yang
    MediaTek, Taiwan

D12 DAT Special Session 4 : IC Design for Machine Learning

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    D12-1 End-to-End Hardware Accelerator for Deep Convolutional Neural Network
    Tian-Sheuan Chang
    National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
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    D12-2 Efficient Method for AI Computing
    Simon See
    Nvidia Corp., Singapore
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    D12-3 A glance of the CASLab HSAIL SIMT GPU for OpenCL and TensorFlow Applications
    Chung-Ho Chen
    National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan 

D13 Industrial Session 1 : System Level Testing and Circuit

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    D13-1 Beyond Structural Test, the rising need for System-Level Test
    Harry H. Chen
    MediaTek, Taiwan 
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    D13-2 Adaptive test method on Production SLT to optimize test cost, resources and DPPM
    Subagaran Letchumanan
    Intel, Malaysia 
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    D13-3 Fuzz Testing & Software Composition Analysis
    Eugene Yang
    Synopsys, Taiwan

D15 Industrial Session 2 : AI everywhere: where will you be?

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    D15-1 Technology trend of on-device AI
    Yen-Lin Lee
    Mediatek, Taiwan
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    D15-2 Deep Fusion of Heterogeneous Sensor Modalities for the Advancements of ADAS to Autonomous Vehicles
    Tse-Min Chen
    Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan
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    D15-3 You and Deep Learning
    Chen Martin Kuo
    Deep Force Inc., USA