Thank you for your help as a TPSC and TPCM for 2018 VLSI-DAT. The paper submission process is now completed, thanks for reviewing papers in advance. The paper online review process will be divided into 4 stages and we will inform you before the start of each step by email through auto system.

Step (1) Paper Confirm Category_Guidelines : (Subcommittee Chair/Co-Chair) For all the submitted papers in your category, identify whether they should be in different categories and inform program chair to make the adjustment. (11/13~11/15, 2017- The system will be closed at 23:59 GMT+0800 on Nov.15, 2017. )
Step (2) Committee Select Paper_Guidelines: (Every TPC member) On-line system is for each TPC member to express his/her interest on the papers to review.(11/16~11/20, 2017- The system will be closed at 23:59 GMT+0800 on Nov.20, 2017. )
Step (3) Adjust Paper Committee_Guidelines: (Subcommittee Chair/Co-Chair) Based on the TPC member paper bidding results, conduct paper assignment to ensure that each paper receives at least three reviews. The TPS Chair/Co-Chairs may assign papers to themselves and TPC members will be informed by auto-system.(11/21~11/23, 2017- The system will be closed at 23:59 GMT+0800 on Nov.23, 2017. )
Step (4) Paper Rating_Guidelines: (Every TPC member) Encourage all members to review their assigned papers and score online rating before the deadline. If necessary, please find substitutes to ensure at least 3 review scores for each paper.(11/24~12/15, 2017- The system will be closed at 23:59 GMT+0800 on Dec.15, 2017. )

【Important Dates】
<1> Paper Confirm Category   11/13~11/15, 2017
<2> Committee Select Paper   11/16~11/20, 2017
<3> Adjust Paper Committee  11/21~11/23, 2017
<4> Paper Rating                   11/24~12/15, 2017

【Paper Selection Meeting】
The 2018 VLSI-DAT paper selection meeting will be held on 12/22(Fri.) 14:30-17:30 (Taiwan time).You can join this meeting by skype or on site (venue: ITRI 51Bd.,Room:2A;2B;2C;2D), please kindly help to reply us before 11/30 (Wed.)

Please feel free to contact the Symposium Secretariat if you have any questions.

Ms. Doris Chiang / Ms. Celia Liu
Secretariat of 2018 VLSI-DAT
TEL: +886-3- 591-5533 ; +886-3-591-7832
FAX: +886-3- 582-0420