J2 Joint Session : Foundry Eco-system

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    J2-1 TCAD Based Design-Technology Co-Optimisations in Advanced Technology Nodes
    Asen Asenov
    Glasgow University and Synopsys, United Kingdom
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    J2-2 New Embedded Memories, from Lab to Fab
    David Eggleston
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    J2-3 Industrial Performance to Serve Economical Rebound
    Bertrand Bléneau
    Soitec, France
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    J2-4 Building Best in Class System Solutions : Enabled by Collaboration
    Suhita J Devineni
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    J2-5 Collaboration and Innovation for Your Success
    David Shih
    SMIC, China
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    J2-6 Navigating Through the Fragmented Application Maze
    Keh-Ching Huang
    UMC, Taiwan
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    J2-7 RRAM Technology and Its Embedded Potential on IoT Applications
    ChiaHua Ho
    Winbond, Taiwan

J5 Joint Session : Embedded Memory System

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    J5-1 Near-future Prospects of Emerging MRAM Applications
    Shinobu Fujita
    Toshiba Corporation, Japan
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    J5-2 Low-Current Spin Transfer Torque MRAM
    Guohan Hu
    IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, USA
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    J5-3 Embedded Nonvolatile Memory with STT-MRAMs and its Application for Nonvolatile Brain-Inspired VLSIs
    Tetsuo Endoh
    Tohoku University, Japan
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    J5-4 Embedded Non-volatile Memory System as an Enabler of Smarter World
    Takashi Kono
    Renesas Electronics Corporation, Japan
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    J5-5 STT-MRAM Memories for IoT Applications: Challenges and Opportunities at Circuit Level and Above
    Massimo Alioto
    National University of Singapore, Singapore
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    J5-6 Utilizing NVDIMM to Alleviate the I/O Performance Gap for Big Data Workloads
    Zili Shao
    Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong 

D4 DAT Special Session : Neuromorphic Computing

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    D4-1 Energy Efficient VLSI Circuits for Machine Learning On-chip
    Hao Yu
    Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
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    D4-2 Hybrid Three-Dimensional Integrated Circuits: A Viable Solution for High Efficiency Neuromorphic Computing
    Zhen Zhou
    Intel, USA 
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    D4-3 Conventional and Neuromorphic Systems Leveraging Emerging Memory Technologies
    Hai (Helen) Li
    Duke University, USA

D8 DAT Special Session : IoT and IIoT

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    D8-1 Industry 4.0: Open as well as Closed
    Clement Lin
    NEXCOM International Co., Ltd., Taiwan
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    D8-2 Can IOT Make Semiconductor Great Again?
    Cheng-Wen Wu
    National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan

D10 DAT Special Session : Testing

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    D10-1 Enhancing the Efficiency and Accuracy of Cell-Aware Testing to Reach Zero Defects
    Harry H. Chen
    Mediatek Inc., Taiwan
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    D10-2 Test Strategies for the Clock and Power Distribution Networks in a Multi-Die IC
    Shi-Yu Huang
    National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan

D12 DAT Special Session : 5G DAT Special

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    D12-1 Highly Integrated RF Frontend Module for High SHF Wide-band Massive MIMO in 5G, and Switching-mode Amplifiers beyond 4G
    Shintaro Shinjo
    Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Japan
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    D12-2 ITRI mmWave Radio Access Technology Development
    Wen-Chiang Chen
    Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan
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    D12-3 Highly Efficient 5G Linear Power Amplifiers (PA) Design Challenges
    Donald Y. C. Lie
    Texas Tech. University, USA 

D13 Industrial Session : What's Trending on Electronic Design Automation?

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    D13-1 Test Knowledge Data Base
    Thomas Li
    Synopsys, Taiwan
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    D13-2 Automotive Semiconductor Test
    Ting-Pu Tai
    Mentor Graphics, Taiwan
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    D13-3 High-Level Low-Power System Design Optimization
    Tung-Hua Yeh
    Cadence, Taiwan